Posted by: DiceMan | 2010/08/23

Camelot Chroniclers News

Camelot Chroniclers News 531
New knights knighted in Salisbury
Another raid by Levcomagus thwarted

Camelot Chroniclers News 532
Stigian Horses stolen
Anglia rebellion struck down at Thetford
Hero of Thetford saves the battle
Rumors: Rebellion caused by marauding Salisbury knights
Rumors: Harvana, Duke Hervis Daughter, inspires Hero of Thetford
Rumors: Foreign knight drives local knights mad

Camelot Chroniclers News 533
Stigian Horses refound
Levcomagus swears vengeance
Rumor: Dinton family troubles?
Rumor: New breeding stock in Laverstock
Rumor: Mysterious woman heals wounded knight

Camelot Chroniclers News 534
Cousin Guinevere marries to heir French thrown
British knight accused of poisoning during Paris Tournament
Melee Misunderstanding during Paris Tournament
Rumor: Hero of Thetford won heart France Princess

Camelot Chroniclers News 535
Ladies of Lake grateful clearing Crimson lake
Large Tournament to celebrate wedding Briant of Laverstock
Rumor: Where did those beautiful horses come from
Rumor: Do lake move?

Camelot Chroniclers News 536
Spectre King slain in Roustoc
News songs from Dunford great success in Logres
Rumor: Miller rebellion after wanton destruction of mills
Rumor: Long lost Gloucester sword found

Camelot Chroniclers News 537
Dolorous Wyrm slain in far Cambria
Gloucester – Clarence conflict reflares
Lost Kingdom Ergyng found and lost again
Rumors: King Arthur declares wyrms extinct
Rumors: Gloucester steward banished

Camelot Chroniclers News 538
Daughter Praetor of Dorset kidnapped, large treasure taken (no ransomyet demanded)!
Angles plunder of Dorset repulsed by (again) hero of Thetford!
Famous Wyrmslayer of Denton missing!
Rumor: Romantic Beast captured! Will this be the End of Romance?
Rumor: Missing Golden rose found again!
Rumor: Large scale plundering area around Levcomagus blamed on blond women with green eyes

Camelot Chroniclers News 539
Battle in Varna won, lead by British knights, non other then the hero of Therford
Prince of France brutally slain, King of France vows vengeance
Anglian exodus, Duke Hervis upset
Rumor: New marriage candidate for France princess?
Rumor: Romantic Beast spotted at various places carrying famous knight on his back

Camelot Chroniclers News 540
Wyrm rises in Devices, defeated by Wyrmbane
Hero of Thetford and Varna wins Devices Tournament
Famous songs remain popular

Camelot Chroniclers News 541
Ghost Knight defeated by Castelan Devices
Hero of Varna marries daughter Castelan Devices
Master Horsebreeder missing in action

Camelot Chroniclers News 542
Battle of Paris, King of France defeated, France plundered
Hero of Varna leads rear guard to victory
Master Horsebreeder returns with older missing son
Master Horsebreeder interbreed horses with Romantic Beast

Camelot Chroniclers News 543
Evil custom at Castle Pleure ended, Hero of Varna takes hold of castle
Lord of Castlan and Lady Kathleen freed from curse and finally marry.
Plague continues in Cambria (rumor: Yr Hen Wrach responsible)

Camelot Chroniclers News 544
Heroes of Varna visit local tournament

Camelot Chroniclers News 545
Treason by Queen Elidia, flees with Wreath Knights.
Heroes of Varna visit Powys Tournament
Young Patrocles ages years in front of witnesses due to evil magic
Hippogriph added to collection Master Horsebreeder

Camelot Chroniclers News 546
A year of many tournaments

Camelot Chroniclers News 547
Arthur challenged by King Tomorrow
Daughter Tomorrow marries Torcher of Moxton
Sir Briant saves honour of Camelot by winning Tournament

Camelot Chroniclers News 548
Drought in northern Britain
Many tournaments in Logres

Camelot Chroniclers News 548
Drought in northern Britain
Many tournaments in Logres

Camelot Chroniclers News 549
Drought in Britain
Lancelot missing after meeting unknown son
Rumors of Holy Grail

Camelot Chroniclers News 550
Despite drought tournaments continue

Camelot Chroniclers News 551
Drought in Logres
Lady Orlandez of Devizes rescued after being kidnapped by king Mark

Camelot Chroniclers News 552
Sir Tristor, Hero of Thetford, inherits Castle Devizes after administrative issues
Drought in Salisbury

Camelot Chroniclers News 553
Holy grail seen in Camelot
Round Table on Grail Quest

Camelot Chroniclers News 554
Invasion of King Mark
Salisbury resists Siege
Heroes of Camelot destroy Infernal Machine
Day of mourning for fallen heroes


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